Treatments List

Deep Tissue Massage
60/90 MINS | €60/75
A deep muscular massage to relieve tension and pain in the body. Great for surfers, golfers and all those desk-bound workers who need to open up their shoulders and backs after hunching over the screen.

60/90 MINS | €60/75
This gentle but profoundly relaxing treatment supports the energetic rebalancing of the body and mind through slow, rhythmic palm and thumb pressure along the meridians (energy pathways), along with stretches and joint mobilisation techniques. Expect to leave feeling open, realigned and deeply restored.

Acupressure Massage
60/90 MINS | €60/75
A combination of deep massage with acupressure techniques to ease out muscular tension and restore the energetic flow of the body.

Swedish Massage
60/90 MINS | €60/75
A gentle, soothing massage to help you relax, relieve muscular tension and let go of stress

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage
75/90 MINS | €60/75
This is an ancient massage technique that combines acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles and assisted yoga asana movements. We apply acupressure massage along the Thai ‘Sen Sib’ lines and apply body stretching at a pressure and depth that you are comfortable with, moving and realigning the body.

Thai Foot Rexflexology
60 MINS | €50
A treatment for relaxation, this method of foot reflexology uses a mixture of massage, thumb pressure and traditional Thai wooden stick to release tension through points on the feet and lower legs, ending with a relaxing neck, face and shoulder massage. Includes foot bath and herbal tea 

Ayurvedic Massage
60/90 MINS | €60/75
This is an ancient form of massage originated in India. It has tremendous benefits to the mind, body, immune system, nervous system, helps detoxify the body and brings deep nourishment to all the cells and tissues. 

Indian Head Massage
45/60MINS | €50/55
Indian Head massage is a traditional massage treatment that targets shoulders, neck, arms, head and face. It revitalises, de-stress and releases tensions of the upper body. 

60MINS | €50
Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and personal improvement that everyone can access. Reiki is a Japanese technique used to heal physical and mental traumas, and to support mental clarity and spiritual well-being. Strengthens the mind, body and spirit.

soluna thai yoga massage practitioner doing bodystretches

Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy combines bodywork, alignment and personalised yoga plans for your specific needs. Our yoga therapists offer:


Rach’s teaching comes from her experience of teaching various styles of yoga, plus working with athletes and her ongoing trainings in functional movement. She teaches something that looks a bit like yoga, and is about whole-body mobility, stability and functional movement for YOUR life. It is inspired by yoga, but adapted for bodies that are often caught in movement patterns caused by modern, sedentary life.

She uses range of motion testing to find out where your restrictions are, and tailors a bespoke plan based on your data. As well as yoga asana she draws on somatic movement, pilates, fascial and neural training, functional movement – and then puts it together with meditation and breathwork for a holistic approach to physical and mental health.

She is passionate about helping you to increase strength, core stability, flexibility and balance, plus build a stronger, sharper mental focus and resilience with pranayama and  meditation tools for daily life – creating a body and mind that can stay healthy for longer.


Becca specialises in combining Chinese Medicine with yoga. Her therapeutic sessions are based on an in-depth talking assessment of your health history and associated patterns. Together you will draw up a class plan to rebalance the body’s systems through asana (physical postures), breathwork, movements and meditations.